4th International Conference on Watermarks in Digital Collections.
19th–20th October 2017, Vienna
Call for papers

The conference intends to bring together scholars, paper experts, conservators, curators, and others who work in watermark research or are interested in this topic. For two decades now, the by then printed catalogues are partially replaced by databases and new watermark collections are published only online in digital form at all.

To present new developments and methods in the field of watermark studies, to get in contact with scholars interested in the same field of studies, and to discuss projects for the future every two years the Conference on Watermarks in Digital Collections takes place.

This time a special focus of the conference will be on new watermark collections, databases and projects which are either in the planning phase or went online and /or were connected with the Bernstein portal (www.memoryofpaper.eu) within the last few years. Here not only the technical side is of interest but in particular information to the history of the collections, to potential users, and to future plans.

A further focus of the conference will be on recording and digitizing techniques of watermarks: experiences on well-known methods and presentations of new techniques. Besides, all other topics are welcome, too.

If you want to give a presentation, please answer before August 31 to maria.stieglecker@oeaw.ac.at and/or emanuel.wenger@oeaw.ac.at. The proposal should include a preliminary title, an abstract of 200-300 words, and contact information. The language of the conference is English and the presentations are limited to 20 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion.

There is no participation fee. Participants are expected to organize and cover the costs for their own travel and accommodations.

Location: Hollandstraße 11 - 13, 1020 Vienna [map]

Please register online before October 1, 2017: Registration